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beautiful little experience :)


Why i don't have sounds in the game?...

Just noticed how the sound effects sound like the beats/rhythms of a song, dang this was well thought out, it's awesome!

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is it just me or every time i open the game there are more memories because I definitely feel like i saw more then 100 🤔

It doesn't work for Android can u fix

It's only for Windows and Mac (Apple Computers)

aww :(

What is the password for the secret?

This is just a hunch, but there's a frame that says "password" and then some letters below it in his YouTube short "Burnout"

Nvm it clearly says to check the tombstone for the password... (Imma leave this in case that's like a second password)

Dust to dust my dude. Thank you for the experience of playing this beautiful game. Make your miracles.

Uhm when is the game coming? Please tell

It's nice to see all the little creative memories you created, and the secret message surely is worth the work :)

so sweet. i love it a lot

cute little game, quite enjoyable


What about a native Linux build?

The game is kinda cool and nice its pretty interesting too.

Honestly just a nice game. Glad I found it and was able to play it.


This was adorable! I loved it!


I was very surprised to learn that it had a lot more behind it and I was even happier to finally get to the end.

so cute 





such a cool game i wish i could play it for the first time again


i love this game :)


I played it together with my friend and we expected a fun little game to pass some time but we found a great and memorable experience - a true gem! Thank you for making this game.    :)

(btw. is there a reference to "Dust an elysian tail"?)




games like these make me wish i was better at words cause damn I dunno what to say its good

game won't start ;(


ashes to ashes dust to dust... This game is super inspirational, its not often u see something so creative


Great game with great character :D


legit the greatest game I've played all year, i found out the story, and was sad when he was, and was happy when he was. I can't believe it's only been 20 minutes since I started it! Great game, please continue to make more games!


Great made game, i love the easter egg, the only thing i was noticing, the more you seen, the more you will see, if you have not seen a memory, it will be rare, but if you have seen it, you will see it 5 times before a new one appears, it was really noticible while trying to look for... the easter egg :)


god what an experience. amazing game. i love your work man, keep it up!


Such a cool little indie game, I liked the secrets and the ending.


this was a nice experience. for a second I thought I would be jump scared, but no, just a sweet ending. also, love your animations on youtube


lol i was breaking my brain trying to find the secret and when i found the answer it clicked in my brain what it was a code i remenbered


This was a great game, and the secret was pretty cool too. I love puzzles, and this one was just the right difficulty to crack without having to set aside too much time while also being incredibly satisfying.


I Love this game its so fun! I like everthing  in this game! 

Dust is like: Seems Joke but is anegdote

Really like it <3

If you want to listen it in spanish, i translate it in my channel / Si quieren escucharlo en español, lo traduje en mi canal. 

Saludos a los que hablen español xd

thank you for the amazing game 

Q. will the picture dust gives us in the thank you area be available later

Amazing game. I really liked the soundtrack at the end, can i find it anywhere :)

best game ever!! UwU

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