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What’s a MEMOCHI?

A “Memochi” is a collection of memories belonging to

a digital creature that is stored inside of an arcade cabinet.

This one comes with 100 animated memories that are

randomly showcased at the press of a single button. Experience 

their entire timeline from life to death through this machine!

(Look for the secret memory!)


Comments may contain spoilers for the game, read with caution!

This was made using Adventure Game Studio 3.5.0 

Mac Users:

There is now a Mac version of the game! However you will have a security error show up since the application is not from the App Store or from a verified developer.  To bypass this, simply right click the application and click "open" to get it to work!


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsgadget, Pixel Art, Point & Click, toy, Virtual Pet


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Dust_Windows.zip 44 MB
DUST.app.zip 47 MB


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What a trip down .EXE lane.  That password was a delightful message (^_^)

I love this!



My first memory was of Dust drunk and looking like he threw up laying on a couch.

The next memory was baby Dust saying "I frew up." 

Perfect game.

is it possible to run this on linux? like, whats the wine setup for it. thnx

I got it working just with a standard wine install. It crashed the first time because my wineprefix was out of date, but after updating it was fine.

If that doesn't work, try Proton-GE.

unable to play the game. the in-game mouse doesn't function nor does my actual cursor. i can't proceed past the "click to begin" screen because i can't click anything.


this is such a good and wholesome game, i even got the ending without the help of google

this game really comforted me when i was having a bad day, thank you sm dev

Whats the password for the secret




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Thank you

aww man, i dont have a laptop or computer :(

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that's great

then use a pc emulator on ur phone


I just found this in my games folder after not playing it for I don't know how long, and saw the hint card which I don't think I ever saw before and it was kind of surreal to find the secret after all that time.

beautiful little experience :)


Why i don't have sounds in the game?...

Just noticed how the sound effects sound like the beats/rhythms of a song, dang this was well thought out, it's awesome!

(1 edit) (+1)

is it just me or every time i open the game there are more memories because I definitely feel like i saw more then 100 🤔

It doesn't work for Android can u fix

It's only for Windows and Mac (Apple Computers)

aww :(

What is the password for the secret?

This is just a hunch, but there's a frame that says "password" and then some letters below it in his YouTube short "Burnout"

Nvm it clearly says to check the tombstone for the password... (Imma leave this in case that's like a second password)

Dust to dust my dude. Thank you for the experience of playing this beautiful game. Make your miracles.

Uhm when is the game coming? Please tell

It's nice to see all the little creative memories you created, and the secret message surely is worth the work :)

so sweet. i love it a lot

cute little game, quite enjoyable


What about a native Linux build?

The game is kinda cool and nice its pretty interesting too.

Honestly just a nice game. Glad I found it and was able to play it.


This was adorable! I loved it!


I was very surprised to learn that it had a lot more behind it and I was even happier to finally get to the end.

so cute 





such a cool game i wish i could play it for the first time again


i love this game :)


I played it together with my friend and we expected a fun little game to pass some time but we found a great and memorable experience - a true gem! Thank you for making this game.    :)

(btw. is there a reference to "Dust an elysian tail"?)



game won't start ;(


ashes to ashes dust to dust... This game is super inspirational, its not often u see something so creative

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