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THIS GAME IS AMAZING am excited for the next update :D

I love this game !

I'm really interested in playing this, but I only have a Chromebook. I tried to run it in Linux but I am not smart enough for it. Do you guys know how? If not, that's completely fine.


No matter WHAT you do, Dont ever talk to the hall lightbulbs from left to right

why the fuck is this game so hard?

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You don't control the difficulty, right? Well, you can skip the clock boss. By typing erihsehc backwards on the thing the red guy in the toilet gives you.


Your welcome


yo that clock guy hit the grittie and then had a skill issue

I would love to play the entire game, but the second part of clock fight is impossible for people with slow reaction time like me, please add a skip function (and do not do it like after 10 fails, i wound not want to wait that long)(2 fails is enough)

by using cheat engine to set the speed of the game to 0.2 it messes up the whole experience, but i was finally able to beat it

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Dude all you had to do was type erihsehc backwards on the note thingy the red guy gives you, you don't need to use cheat engine cheater.

I loved Endacopia, I wish that you finish the game, the combat sistem is so good and is very good explained, very good demo. I was scared in the kitchen, I dont expected was a monster in there, I met your game from a short, a very good short. 

hey man, you can interact with the lightbulbs in the hallway, make them say UN DER GROUND 

I do it, why the scraming girl? my windows coputer freeze and I need to use Ctrl + Alt + Fin.

This is exactly what you dont want to do

i can barely endacope with this

get it


amazing demo

keep up the good work, do it for love even

maybe for life

or even mankind

clockey's bossfight is so hard when i get 4 hits out of him pls make it slower

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Type erihsehc backwards on the note the red guy give you.

I Enjoyed This Game Alot 

also please debuff clock i can not beat it

this game is awesome want more like it yall got any recommendations

how to play futbol

this game is incredible, such an uncanny aesthetic.

This is promising on a whole new level. Be it next year or the ones after that, I'll be here for this game. This was a wonderful look into your unique world.

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wut da frick

why im can't walk?


Use wasd

wow ,i really like it


this is a strange game....I LOVE IT

is this getting a steam release too or is it only releasing on ?

I loveee this game, i hope the complete version gets here soon 'cause i can't wait:(!!!!

Un. Der. Ground


I saw this on youtube a lot and i decided to play it, I still didn't complete it but its a really FUN game and i want to say something.

geez the angry clock guy is hard


i saw this alot on youtube shorts and only now am i deciding to play it i hope its good

This game was a lot of fun! I hate that I put my camera in such a terrible place, but can't wait to play again! 

it creeps me out a bit bcz when i click ALT+F4 it does it very lat

but its the best game i ever witnessed


i cant move in that game... Can someone help me? wasd doesnt work..

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im pretty sure its a point and click

i can move only if I click on active objects... 

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I had same problem. In my case wasd not worked cuz of non-english keyboard layout. Try to lauch the game while having english keyboard layout.


Hallo ich habe ein problem ich kann die zip datei oder das game nicht installieren kann mir weer helfen

AMAZING game! Really well done music, atmosphere and gameplay. Wish there was more gameplay but then again this is just the demo. Cant wait for the full game, great job!

The Secrets were DISTURBING.

How to zoom out?

Great Game!!!!

Don't say there will be android version

This game is so old school, I love it. The point and click aspect of it is so much fun. Amazing Game! What is the Password!?


thanks for report

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