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mellow hitting the griddy after this glorious adventure about this "henry" guy

Really loved the suffering!

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ily but this game made me break my laptop bcuz of how bad iwas so yea

uhhh yea haha i quit haha lol odeoiif4grejthntgi

woah brother good game man that was freakin good hard boss for me 

I loved this one. I hope we will see the full game soon:)

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Heya, I played this fantabulous game during my 9-hour Halloween Stream and I liked it! For some reason the game kept tabbing out at random points (might have been better for me to play the web-based version instead), but it was pretty funny to watch me yell at the game.

I loved the art style! The swaps between 2d to 3d during cutscenes add a bit of an unsettling feel to it.

(1:06:56 is when I started to play it)

Sorry I didn't complete the game during the stream, I had 18 more games to complete and wasn't sure how long I was gonna be stuck on the clock battle, lol.

Would love to see the full release!

- cha boi pbucky

why is the music so good omg

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as i said before amazing game, cant wait for the final product and any other new projects( already wishlisted on steam ), congrats 

Amazing game, cant wait for the final product and any other new projects, will come by later to post the video. Congrats


This is a really cool game! I love the art style, and the world is very interesting. I will definitely keep this game in mind while developing my own games! Good luck with the full game. I look forwards to it!


it so difficult!I don't like that fuck clock

same i couldnt get past it

Same !


this was by far one of the best demos i've ever played. i really enjoy the art style, and how almost everything feels "alive" and has importance, even for a giggle. i haven't impatiently awaited a game in a while, LOL can't wait to see more and hear what the guest musicians will do (: this game and you deserve all of the kickstarter support and more ♡

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i saw the trailerit looks cool @andy land good work man

the link is to it


y  e s 


I'm sorry bro it's not out yet

oh yeah it will be out the final game in december


Could you make it for Linux? :)

good game :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

can you plz make it for browse

This is one of the best games Ive even seen, the music, the art the gameplay, its a great demo!


when mario tells baldi about this game:


great game. I had a lot of fun with it. I honestly just wish I played it before the kickstarter ended but I will purchase it when the game comes out 


It's alright.


Wow, The Full Game It will be Released in October 2024?, i will wait,

Meanwhile i will play the DEMO.


Every time I see a game in this type of 3D it reminds me of Baldi's Basics


I Dont Know Why Some Peoples says ''this game is Bad'' This game is Very Good, well i never played it but i see some gameplay and is Very Good.

P.D: Mellow looks like a character who believes.

wow so cool, i never played this on crazy games


can anyone tell me when this game is coming out


"With your support, I believe to have Endacopia released by Halloween 2024 and provide an average playtime of 6 hours. Creating an experience that people connect with is everything to me. I intend to bring the best possible version of this project to life for everyone to enjoy."
- Kickstarter source

oh thanks


Genuinely the most interesting, interactive game I've played. 10/10.+ music is incredible.


I have a problem with movening.
I cant use W A S D for move.


you need to use the arrows


It does work yet


no use the wasd


I get stuck in some places. for example on a swivel chair


click/right click to spin left/right, a to get off.

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i make a rekreshin


I couldn't find out how to open the files


endacopia live streaming 


I was just scrolling on YouTube shorts then found an cool video about this then just started playing


Strange? Foreign rules? Non-traditional? I would not apply any of those words to it. It puts me in mind of the hundreds of escape/puzzle games I've tried. The game is interesting and I'll probably consider buying it if I notice it get released but I went in expecting something truly strange and got disappointed on that front.


I streamed this game for this review. The link will be below.

Endacopia most certainly is a strange game that naturally fuels a sense of curiosity at what will happen next. However a "non-traditional" point-and-click is not how I would describe such a game.

For a demo of the upcoming game, this is a solid start. I'm not generally a fan of point-and-click games, however something about the strangeness of this world had caught my attention and so I had to give it a try. I was not disappointed.

Endacopia starts you off in a bedroom but like no other. The atmosphere and sense of strangeness already present. From there, the game invites you to click on anything, and that is where the magic lies. Like any of the old point-and-click games of the past, everything can be interacted with at least to a small degree - a nice little bit of polish and charm to bring the world alive. And through this polish it makes you naturally wonder what to click on and so inevitably you find your next clue to moving forward. Indie devs can often struggle to lead the player in the right direction. Either they just outright tell the player what to do (which most of us never enjoy the hand-holding), or they tell us nothing and can't even at least provide contrast between objects to give us a hint, leaving us to wander aimlessly and hopelessly until we ultimately give up (kind of like the game I played at the start of my stream). However, in Endacopia, this polish of naturally wanting to click on things is an intelligent way of getting the player to progress without having to guide the player directly through overly informative text boxes and tutorials. This game is a charm!

Where things really need to be improved is its commitment to the 90's era point-and-click games. First of all, it is very committed to that bit, which is why I would definitely not describe it as "non-traditional". It is very, very much traditional and that's okay! However, it's commitment to this genre brings along the warts of awkward controls. Having to awkwardly cycle through commands using the right mouse button is just…well…awkward. These functions could easily be mapped to the keyboard. Similarly is your inventory. Although you never have more than a single item in the demo, it is still somewhat of a nuisance (and archaic design) to have to open the menu and assign the item to your mouse. It could easily be intelligently bound to your mouse if you have no other items in your inventory, but even more so, items, once again, could easily be bound to the keyboard.

What is funny to me is that the commitment also seems skin deep as the game employs WASD movement, which is actually a somewhat modern control scheme (at least when we are talking about the age of games Endacopia is trying to emulate). So there is a disconnect between the game trying to be committed to the point and click with everything being mouse driven, and yet also breaks it's own rules by incorporating WASD which only further creates the desire that things were not so awkwardly (and unnecessarily) bound to the mouse. I don't share this as a way to give the excuse of removing the WASD from the game and double down on the awkward controls. Rather, I appreciate the dedication to the old skool way of controlling things, but some things are better left in the past, especially if some puzzles have tight time limits that require the player to quickly fumble through the controls to complete those puzzles.

It seems the Kickstarter was successfully funded. Congratulations to the dev! I cannot wait to see what the finished product is like, and I hope to be able to play it one day soon with hopefully an improved control scheme (it would also be nice if the options were accessible from the game itself instead of launching a separate config program).

Dev, please consider creating a Steam page for this game soon so that I and others who enjoyed this work can wishlist it and easily keep up to date with its pending release.

If you'd like to watch my experience with the game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing.


I missed the kickstarter and so wish I hadn't! That was amazing! I can't wait to play the full release! And I wish I could have supported you sooner!

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i absolutely like ur art style, game and video, this one is such masterpiece i hope the finished ver will be release soon❤

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